Hostel in Faisalabad for Students

For students who desire to study in Faisalabad, Burhan Centre: hostel is the ideal option. The cheapest Burhan Hostel is ideally situated in the city's centre. The distance between Burhan Hostel and the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad is only 4 minutes by MA Jinnah Road. GC University Faisalabad, Arts & Design Campus can be easily accessible on foot in just 5 minutes. In just 7 minutes along Kotwali Road will get you to the GC University Main Campus in Faisalabad. Many students from other educational institutions stay with us at Burhan Hostel, including students from Riphah International University in Faisalabad, ICMA Pakistan in Faisalabad, SKANS, COTHM, etc.

Student Hostel

Due to its convenient location, Burhan Centre: Student Hostel is the top choice among students in Faisalabad. Burhan Hostel is just 5 minutes' walk from renowned GTS Chowk. One of the most significant roundabouts in Faisalabad is GTS Chowk. From the GTS roundabout, a student can take a private or public transportation to any location in the city. Additionally, a student can travel to any other Pakistani city through the GTS Bus Stand, which is close to the GTS Chowk. The Burhan Centre is 10 minutes away by car, and the GTS Chowk is 8 minutes away by foot, although students can travel by rail through the railway station. Burhan Centre is the best students hostel in Faisalabad, as it provides affordable and safe accommodations for students who are studying at various universities. The hostel has a variety of amenities such as free Wi-Fi, cooking facilities, and laundry services. There is also a lounge area where guests can enjoy themselves before heading out to explore the city. As an added bonus, Burhan Centre provides parking spaces for guests to park their vehicles on the premises. Guests can also enjoy discounts at nearby eateries and shops with their room keys if they choose to stay more than one night.

Cheap Hostel Rooms

Burhan Centre provides affordable dorm accommodations. Prices for shared rooms begin at Rs 4000 per person per month. Prices for separate rooms start at Rs 7000 per month and increase with room size and capacity. In Faisalabad, this pricing for shared and private rooms is the most affordable hostel. There are a total of eight (8) stories in the building known as Burhan Centre: Hostel & Hotel. The pricing is extremely low when considering the nearby commercial district. The hostel and hotel are close to restaurants, movie theatres, hospitals, bus stops, train stations, stores, and Faisalabad's famous eight bazaars.

Private Hostel Room

Private hostel rooms are available at Burhan Centre. Prices for private hostel rooms begin at Rs 7000 per month. The cost of a private room varies according to its size, capacity, location, and amenities. For an additional cost, you can have more amenities. Private accommodations give you quiet, comfort, and solitude so you can concentrate on your job or study without interruptions.

If you're looking for an affordable private hostel rooms in Faisalabad, Burhan Centre is the best option for you. Our private hostel rooms are clean and secure, and we offer a range of amenities that make your stay as comfortable as possible. We also have a variety of common areas where you can meet new friends or get to know other guests. Burhan Centre is the best hostel in Faisalabad.

Hostel Room for Rent

Hostel rooms are available for rent at Burhan Centre. To accommodate students, employees, traders, etc., the Burhan Centre includes a variety of rooms of various sizes. On a monthly basis, you can choose a room that is shared or private. Burhan Centre rents out rooms on a monthly basis in sizes ranging from one to seven people, including single, double, three, four, and five-seaters. From the first to the sixth floors of Burhan Centre are the hostel rooms. Burhan Centre is a hostel that provides inexpensive, safe rooms for rent. This is the best choice for students, Workers and Traders who are looking for an affordable place to stay while living in Faisalabad. From dormitories to private rooms in Faisalabad, we have the perfect room for you. To make sure your stay is as comfortable as possible, we offer free Wi-Fi and laundry services on-site. We also provide 24-hour security and parking space.

Safest Hostel in Faisalabad

Most people want a safe and convenient place to stay while they are staying in another city for studying, working, trading etc. That is why we're proud to say that the Burhan Centre is one of the best safest hostels in Faisalabad. Our hostel is situated away from loud, busy streets and neighborhoods that have a bad reputation for crime and mischief-making. We have 24 X 7 CCTV security cameras in operation. We have a Night Security guard to protect the premises and its inhabitants. We also have big iron gates which are closed in the night and only hotel or hostel residents are allowed by the Management. We do not allow noise, loud music, smoking, drugs, drinking and other immoral activities in the Hostel. There are designated smoking areas outside the hostel near me or on the rooftop. We take care of the Hostel environment like our own home, so that hostel residents feel at home while being away from home.

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